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Let's just get it out there right away, there is no such thing as an amicable divorce. This is hard to hear because everyone, especially women want to believe that it is possible to remain civil throughout the divorce process and beyond. One of you initiated the divorce and ultimately this in itself will lead to upset. The truth is change hurts! It is especially hard because a division of a life that was built together is happening and the reality of life after is setting in. This makes harmony difficult to achieve.


To begin to feel "normal" once again it is important to seek out a support system. This can consist of a close friend, family or even a support group filled with women who are going through life events similar to what you are experiencing. Being able to talk and release frustrations within your support circle allows you to remain present and strong for your children and in your career. They are also the people who will have your back during the unexpected events of life occur. As a single parent issues you are unfamiliar with will arise and these individuals will be there in a pinch to help support you and ensure your children are left as unaffected as possible.


Use the time after your divorce to discover yourself and redefine who you are. Look into what makes you happy and pursue it. There will be time when the children are with their father and you will have a void to fill. This is the perfect time to find out a lot about your own preferences. When married many of the events that filled your life involved the children or your spouse, doing things as a couple or family unit. Now is time for you to take to discover your.


When you have children part of life after divorce is to minimize the impact that they feel. Listen close this is the best advice you will receive as a newly single parent; don't ever, under any circumstance speak poorly of your ex. This is not their fight. They don't need to choose sides. Love them, tell them how much they mean to you, support them and keep a close eye on their behavior. The often won't tell you something is bothering them and they need to talk to someone but their actions will.


Your kids are the part of your ex that you will have to forever deal with. Even though the divorce was not amicable this doesn't mean there isn't hope for the relationship you share involving your children. Always look out for their best interest. It won't always be yours however, that is when you will fall back upon your support system, continually redefining the newly single woman you are.

You will find that life after your divorce will get easier day by day. At Longton Law, we offer in house therapy for women and children rebuilding their lives. With the assistance of our in house therapists you and your loved ones can achieve happiness once again!

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